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Achmad Soebardjo

Achmad SoebardjoMr. Raden Achmad Soebardjo Djojoadisoerjo (born in Karawang, West Java, 23 Maret1896 - died December 15, 1978 at age 82 years) is Indonesia's independence hero, diplomat, and a National Hero of Indonesia. He adalahMenteri Foreign Affairs of Indonesia's first. Achmad Soebardjo holds Meester in de Rechten, obtained at Leiden University in The Netherlands in 1933. 

Achmad Soebardjo was born in Bay Jambe, Karawang, West Java, dated March 23, 1896. His father was Teuku Muhammad Yusuf, still the royal line of Pidie Aceh. Ahmad's grandfather paternal Soebardjo are scholars in the region, while Justin Joseph is a civil servant with the rank of Police in the Gulf region Mantri Jambe, filigree. Ahmad's mother named Wardinah Soebardjo. He Javanese-Bugis descent, and is the son of the Head in Telukagung, Cirebon.
His father initially gave him the name of Justin Abdul Manaf, while his mother gave him the name of Ahmad Subardjo.Djojoadisoerjo added his own name as an adult, when he was detained in prison Ponorogo because "event July 3, 1946". He went to Burger Hogere School, Jakarta (currently equivalent to High School) in 1917. He then continued his education at the University of Leiden, the Netherlands and obtained a diploma Meester in de Rechten (currently equivalent to a Bachelor of Law) in the field of legislation in 1933. History of struggles
While still a student, Soebardjo active in fighting for the independence of Indonesia through several organizations such as Jong Java and the Indonesian Students Association in the Netherlands. In February 1927, he became the representative of Indonesia along with Mohammad Hatta and experts Indonesia movements in the trial between nations "League Against Imperialism and Colonial Oppression" the first diBrussels and later in Germany. In the first trial was also Jawaharlal Nehru and the nationalist leaders, famous from Asia and Africa. When the return to Indonesia, he was active as a member of the Board of Inquiry Business Preparation of Indonesian Independence (BPUPKI). And on August 17, 1945, Soebardjo sworn in as Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Presidential Cabinet, Indonesia's first cabinet, and again served as Minister of Foreign Affairs once again in the year 1951 to 1952. In addition, he also became BesarRepublik Indonesian Ambassador in Switzerland between the years 1957 to 1961. In the field of education, Sebardjo is professor of history of institutionalization and Diplomacy of the Republic of Indonesia in the Faculty of Literature, University of Indonesia. Death
Ahmad Subardjo Djoyoadisuryo died at the age of 82 at the Pertamina Hospital, Kebayoran Baru, due to flu complications.He is buried in home peristirahatnya in Cipayung, Bogor. The government lifted the deceased as a National Hero in 2009.

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